zip code 66112 - check out or avoid?

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Hi BP - 

I'm new to investing in KS and was wondering if 66112 is a good area to invest for a long term buy and hold.  It seems to be outside the inner city but I'm still concerned about crime and tenant quality.  

Thanks -

It's a spotty area. If you're careful you can land a real home run. I lived in that ZIP for 17 years. Kept our house there as a rental when we moved in 2016 and just sold it due to some family issues. Hit me up and we can discuss further.

@Ryan Fox , did you end up buying anything in this zipcode at all? I am looking at a MF deal and was wondering the same. 

@Jim Viens , Hello, would you say this is C or C- area? I am looking around N 72nd and N 70th st. Would love to hear your take. TIA.

@Rich Lopes - Honestly, I'm not incredibly familiar with the area, but Jim Viens suggested looking west of 78th street, and the properties I've looked at in the area seem to corroborate that.  

@Rich Lopes - It's tough for me sometimes to differentiate narrow differences between, say, a "C" and "C-" area as many investors have their own subtleties in how they grade these. I would say it's a "C" area for sure and would personally rate it at more of a "C+". Values are ranging between $175,000 & $200,000. Median income in the area is around $55,000/yr. Less than a mile to an elementary school, a middle school, a high school, and the Community College. Definitely a solid area.

@Rich Lopes , I second what @Jim Viens is saying about the area. 

The data suggests that the area is B/C Quality. As a matter of fact, this location is actually a sort of transition area between the B quality neighborhoods to the west and the C/D neighborhoods the the east. 

I had to step away from my business for a while due to a major family illness but I still keep my finger on the pulse of the areas near me so I'll be ready when I get back in.