Kansas Real Estate Contract - Inspections

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We are signing our first Kansas contract for a home. I am confused by the Inspections section (section 12 in our contract). The inspections will be important because the disclosures have already named that there's insufficient water pressure and that the toilet backs up when it flushes.  

Here's my question: The contract has dates for a termite inspection (12b) and  a list of additional inspections (12f), but I'm also being asked to initial a notice at the beginning of section 12 that says, "Buyer agrees to accept the property in its “as is” condition without any inspections."  Should I initial that?  My realtor says yes, but it feels like the opposite of what I want.

Thanks for your help. 


Doesn’t sound like you are using the KREC “Contract for purchase and sale of real estate (residential)”? Section 12 is the Lead Based Paint section. Not sure what contract you are using...

Without actually seeing the contract I’m not sure. But my inclination is to say no, if your contract says there is no inspection contingency and you are buying “as is where is” then that only leaves you a financing contingency. But considering your contract is different I’m not even sure you have that.

The contract we use will have a number of days in which you can perform your inspection then submit an amendment for your inspection results (this is essentially a repair request). If you sign something that says you do not have a right to amend after an inspection then you are locked into a purchase of the home.

Let me ask you something do you have your own realtor or is the real estate agent the one who listed the home? If it is the one who listed the home they are working in the sellers best interest and you had better damn well get a buyers agent to represent you.

Thanks, Jared. The contract file name says "uniform contract TAAR" and front page has the Sunflower Association logo and this header: "Real Estate Contract. Uniform Contract for Sunflower Association of Realtors."

I do have a buyers agent, but he's new, and I was getting a second opinion on this portion of the contract because it seems to be in conflict with itself.