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Hi everyone, is anyone here familiar with the Louisville Kentucky markets that could educate me more about investing there. has anyone invested in Louisville or Lexington in the multifamily space and recommend their overall experience. Thanks, Andy Chang

I live and invest in Louisville. I mostly do SFR though. Let me know how I can help you.

I invest in multifamily in Louisville. The good stuff is moving fast but not near as fast as other markets.

Yup I live in louisville, invest here in sfr and help investors find multifamily as well as flips. I have a team that can usually take a flip from start to finish in 4-8 weeks depending on the project.

I too am interested in Louisville.  So any recommendations where I can learn more?

I recommend checking out KREIA, it's a group focused on investing in Louisville and Southern Indiana. They meet up once a month and have a lot of small functions as well. Hampton Scurlock (one of my clients), has a background as a CPA, he started making more money doing real estate investing on the side and sold his brick and mortar CPA firm. He is the man, he is on the board at KREIA and is generous with his time. I'd be happy to introduce you to Hampton (he likes burgers and bourbon). 

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@Andy C. you've gotten a few good responses and resources here for investing in Louisville, KY and I think there is definitely a lot of good upside there.

Another individual I always recommend is @Cameo Bennett as I've used her for a few purchases in the Louisville area.

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