Local Resources I Recommend To My Clients, What Should I Add?

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I was just thinking about local resources I'd recommend my clients to use. When it comes to wholesaling I'd reach out to Brad Noe (member on here). He does a great job farming Louisville and Southern Indiana. He'd be happy to sit down with you and give you tips on wholesaling. 

Hampton Scurlock has a weekly luncheon at Wildwood Country Club every Wednesday at noon. It's a great opportunity to network and learn from some serious investors. 

Brett Kennedy holds an investor meeting on Tuesdays.

KREIA has lots of incredible events. They meet the last Thursday of the month at Woodhaven Country Club. They also host game night (game was developed by Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad). They have a monthly happy hour to network and they have L.O.T.S (Learn on the site) for learning about flipping. 

Frank Miller offers his Believe Investment Group classes that are killer and a great resource. 

We can provide an investor list of 20 contractors, we host an investor luncheon quarterly (next is in May). We can introduce you to hard money lenders, add you to our flip list, easily find rentals, and off market properties. 

What other resources can you think of? 

Thanks Rob,    

I have attended several of these when I am in town, although I dont think I have the specifics on Hamptons lunch on Wed?

Hampton's lunch is 12:00 at Wildwood Country Club. It usually has about 20-30 people. 

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