Debate--but no vote--on Topgolf Proposal

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Watched the hearing yesterday, kind of entertaining. Top Golf has doubled down and said this is the only location they will entertain here in Louisville. The idea of malls and larger shopping centers is fading. Top Golf would be a valuable addition to the community and revitalize a large piece of real estate in the area. Louisville, adding Top Golf should signal our cities desire to stay relevant and interesting in this global economy. 

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@Rob Bergeron what's the argument against letting TopGolf have that location?

Proximity to an established neighborhood. This neighborhood once also tried to make it gated so people couldn't use it to travel. smh. The meeting went from 6:30-12:00, 7 people spoke, 40 more people waiting to speak. 

that's kinda lame.  As far as I know, Topgolf has been a plus in SLC.  Any city should be happy to have something like that.  Golfers spend money, spending money means tax revenue.

I visited the TopGolf in KC and plan to visit the one in St. Louis sometime in 2019.  The concept is amazing and when speaking with people in KC, the place was packed all the time both with tourists and locals.

I haven't been to the Louisville malls in many years (like most people I suspect) and cannot imagine anything ever bringing that much positive traffic to that area.  The argument against it from neighbors due to traffic is laughable...did these people move to that part of town not knowing the traffic is insane?  Were they banking on the malls eventually closing down and traffic to go elsewhere?  They surely haven't considered the impact to their property values and crime rates if/when the malls close down and that property sits vacant.

There are people against every big development and there's no way to get unanimous support from a city/neighborhood.  How review committees rule on these cases are a great insight into the longer-term direction of the city/neighborhood.  Much investment in St. Matthews will follow if this is approved, and I would imagine things will trend the other way or stagnate if denied.  Fortunately review committees are generally staffed with forward looking people that aren't swayed by a few vocal individuals only interested in their own cause.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for approval so I can check it out when I'm back in town on business!

Sounds like another east end tunnel deal. All the money spent to build a tunnel under an old house that it turns out noboby really wanted. Fostered by the residents to keep the connection between 265 in Indiana to the Gene Snyder. Why people want to prevent economic progress is more than I can understand.