Habitat Adding mixed-income Neighborhood Near Norton Commons

2 Replies | Louisville, Kentucky


Will be interesting to see what kind of impact this makes on property values in the area. 

“The thought behind this is that every Louisville citizen deserves affordable housing choices, both where to live and what type of place they live in, and it shouldn’t be restricted to just any one part of town,” said Mayor Greg Fischer at Tuesday morning’s news conference.

The Lake Louisvilla area has always been pretty challenged, and driving past it for the last 30 years I often wonder if they're ever going to do anything with this place. When I used to deliver pizzas, I HATED driving through that neighborhood because it always felt like something out of "Deliverance". 

It's good to see progress finally. 

While I'm certain that there will be push-back from some of the locals, the long-term effects will be overwhelmingly positive for the community.