Rehab costs in Greater New Orleans

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I am wondering what people are paying for rehabs costs in Greater New Orleans. Any input or thoughts would be appreciated from local rehabbers/Investors/Contractors. 

For example, how much on average are you spending on the following items:

  • Kitchen
  • Full bath
  • Half bath
  • Updating plumbing
  • Rewiring house
  • Patch/Paint/Repair a standard room
  • Dumpster Hire
  • Replacing a window
  • Replacing internal door
  • Replacing External door

Appreciate your help on any of these items. 

    These figures will vary greatly depending on the location of the property, the level of fixtures and finishes, etc but here are some rough figures:

    Kitchen - 8-10k, or more

    Full bath - 5-6k, or more

    Half bath - 2500-3k, or more

    Updating plumbing - this is hard to say... slab or raised house? I just had a client redo all the underslab plumbing on a slab house and it was about 17k. Cheaper on a raised house. Also depends on how much digging/trenching needs to be done.

    Rewiring house - $4-6/sqft

    Patch/Paint/Repair a standard room - runs anywhere from about $3.50-5.50/sqft or higher

    Dumpster Hire - Usually about $400-500 per dumpster

    Replacing a window - roughly $250-300 for vinyl windows

    Replacing internal door - depends on type

    Replacing External door - depends on type

    @Braden Smith this is really helpful. What are your thoughts (or anyone else) on flooring costs per sq ft? Obviously varies by type, lets say LVT, Title, wood and refinishing existing wood floors?

    @Stephen Keighery   I generally have not priced out individual prices like you have listed, but can provide some data for some of your items.

    Replace plumbing (all drain and supply on raised, all supply and drains only above top of slab) - I use $700 per fixture as a general rule, not including replace of the main drain under slab houses.  A fixture would be a toilet, sink, tub/shower, waterheater, dishwasher, icemaker.

    Complete rewire - $5/ft2, not include recessed cans or fixtures.

    Dumpster - 30yard dumpster is $350/dumpster.  I generally use 4-6 dumpsters per gut renovation (>2000ft2) or new construction duplex (>2000ft2).

    Window replacement ~ $300-350/window, simple vinyl window without the need for extensive exterior siding work, not including interior trim work.

    Flooring - I would say laminate and LVP flooring install should be around $1.50-$2.00/ft2, material would be anywhere between $1/ft2 to $4/ft2 (anything less than $2/ft2 is crap).  Tile would increase the materials and labor.  Prefinished hardwood flooring would cost anywhere between $6 to $10/ft2, depending on material and complexity of the job.

    Originally posted by @Stephen Keighery :

    @Braden Smith this is really helpful. What are your thoughts (or anyone else) on flooring costs per sq ft? Obviously varies by type, lets say LVT, Title, wood and refinishing existing wood floors?

     Flooring varies so much by type and within each type that it is impossible to give an average. But most flippers in our market go with a middle of the road product, which is often an engineered hardwood. That can range from a low of around $1-2/sqft for the cheap crappy stuff on up to $8-9/sqft or more, plus install. I usually use something in the $4-6/sqft range. That does not include install.

    I don't know anyone who uses LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile), but some people like to use LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) in rentals as it is waterproof and pretty durable. It is also cheaper than tile and install is easier. 

    For typical ceramic tile I usually estimate about $6/sqft with install for the less expensive tile that would go into a rental. 

    Real wood can run anywhere from around $2-3/sqft for cheap stuff and on up to $10-12/sqft or more depending on the type of wood, the thickness, the width, etc. 

    I don't recall what refinishing wood floors ran me the last couple of times I did it. It has been a while...

    Thanks @Braden Smith and @Mike Wood your answers have been super helpful. I have a couple other items I am after feedback from you or anyone in the community.

    • Replacing rotten soffits & Facia
    • Replacing Sheetrock
    • Exterior Painting
    • Fixing or replacing siding
    • Cost of new internal door

    Appreciate the help!