Newbie in Baltimore area

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Me and my wife just moved to the Baltimore area, looking to jump start our real estate investment engines again. We currently own rental property in Florida so we are not completely new to the game.

Any pointers on neighborhoods or areas will be greatly appreciated. 

Looking forward to listening from some of you! 

Alex O.

Welcome to BP and Baltimore.

It is hard to point any direction without knowing your budget and general strategy but I personally invest in areas where  I can spend 100k or more, and there are many neighborhoods in Baltimore you can do that.

Obviously, you can spend less, and get similar returns in certain areas as well. You should give more info about you, so I and others can be more useful.

Good Luck!!!

Welcome to BP @Alejandro Olivares  

If you are talking Neighborhood within Baltimore City, that is tough because areas can change block to block. As Ozzy says it has a lot to do with your goals and tolerance to risk.

Thanks for comments guys, greatly appreciated. So far the strategy I have in mind is to focus on properties within the 100k range, perform rehab and fixes as needed and rent & hold for a while. 

In the mean time, really trying to get a feel of the market, and building a network of GCs and agents that I can rely on to. 

Again, thanks for the warm welcome. 

My first move would be to attend the investor lunch at 2601 Wilkens Ave, Baltimore, MD 21223. It's easily the best way to familiarize yourself with the city and meet some of the best people in the business - and people are very friendly and welcoming. It's every Friday at noon.