Baltimore City: Collecting Unpaid Water in Small Claims Court

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I'm preparing to take a tenant to small claims court for unpaid water bills in Baltimore City. Are there any Baltimore City BPers experienced with this? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

It's a small amount of money, so I'll be filing myself. No attorney. 

What are your lessons learned? What documentation should I gather in addition to water bills and a rent ledger?


Matt - A judge once denied a fellow investor similar claim arguing that his courthouse was not the water court, but rather the rent court...So be prepared and think about that. I am certain, the rental agreement will support you. Good luck.

Let us know how it turns out. If you get a judgement I hear you can take money out of her security deposit  :-)

@Jeremy Anan If the judge directs me to rent court I don't know whether I'll laugh or cry.  Because the rent court is the one sending us landlords to small claims court!  Very "Catch-22" of Baltimore've got to hand it to them...they know how to troll landlords.

@Ned Carey That gave me a chuckle.  Yes it will likely be a moral victory.  But the tenant is Section 8 so I understand a judgment will prevent her from moving...or possibly endanger her voucher if she doesn't pay.  We'll see what happens!

And Ned this is a property you sold about a lemon!  (Just kidding it's one of my best performers).

@Matt Schelberg is this the tax lien property?

Mike were talking about you today, He just got an Email from Ben Frederick saying some of the new inspection standards will likely change.