Recommendations for companies doing evictions in Balt. County?

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In the process of finalizing an eviction of a tenant in Baltimore county and looking for companies that do the actual eviction (not the legal process but taking the tenant's belongings out of the unit once the sheriff arrives),spoke with a couple that were pretty pricey and wanted to see if there are any with more reasonable pricing.Is it true that in the county the belongings of the tenant must be taken straight to be disposed as in other counties they are being placed at the curb (at least initially).

@Sam Gill

When you say finalizing, what process are you in?  Have you contacted to constable/sheriff?  They should let you know how many people are going to be required for the eviction.  From there you can look on craigslist for moving companies and price them and let them know you only need items removed from home and not delivered anywhere.  Typically belongings need to be left on the curb for 24 hours then disposed after the evicted tenant fails to retrieve it.  

@Sam Gill During my last eviction in Baltimore County the constable required me to have 3 movers on standby. They also required me to change the locks immediately.  So the labor cost is probably why you are getting high quotes.   And keep in mind that the tenant can still pay on the day of eviction, so you might want to negotiate in advance a payment for your movers in the event the eviction is cancelled/rained out.

Not specific to Baltimore, but I use marylandevictionsonline. But yeah, labor costs for evictions is high, just the way it is.

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