Home security in Baltimore

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Has your home or investment been broken into? How worried are you about it?

How do you protect your properties in the rougher neighborhoods? Metal bars, security systems, cameras,...? Or just don't worry about it, if you're gonna get robbed, you're gonna get robbed either way.

I also noticed that most houses have BS locks on them that any kiddie can lockpick in 30 seconds, whereas in other countries people use slightly more serious locks. Any point in upgrading locks and doors?

Have had an issue with illegal dumping of trash on a rental in Parkville. The zoning enforcement officer recommended putting a "smile, you're on camera" sign on the chain link fence.

In your case an automatic spotlight would be really helpful. Anytime someone walks in the front or backyard a bright light shines in their face that shouts "hey, we are watching you"

I would put some kinda sec system that makes sound when they enter. I dont think they care about the cameras, Baltimore City police dep. is not gonna find anybody  who brakes into a house :D))

If you are  buy a house total 50K, just factor that into it. If it is vacant for a long time, it will be broken into.

Sometimes if they break in they will squat not only rob you of appliances or copper. Then you have a real problem. This doesnt even factor in if you entrr your property and someone on crack is squatting and you are blocking there way out and you surprise them. Like has been stated get adt pulse, simplesafe, or an equivalent and if its a buy and hold. The first time and not the second someone even steals a fridge will be enough to loose piece of mind to warrant getting it. When I used to do pm in the hood bc I dont nor will I anymore every tenant I had there that stayed had a pitbull or an alarm system. Its smart to advertise with it as locals that will rent the place will know the area sucks but will very much appreciate the security. No need to hide that fact. 50 to 60 dollars a month is worth it.