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I remember reading somewhere that it was a state of Massachusetts requirement for the property manager of a rental building to post their property management company name (or landlord's name if he/she also manages the building) and phone # on a sign outside the front door of a rental building. Is this true? If so, can anyone provide a link for more details? Also, if it is a requirement, any suggestions of where/how to get the sign made?



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Have you searched your state landlord tenant regulations on line. Should be something in the regulations.

Yeah I looked around but couldn't find anything, but I think I remember seeing something about it when I was doing research a few months ago. 

We are a property management group in the Greater Boston Area and we have signs on our building. They are inside the building after the first door (this door doesn't lock but the second door does). This sign is a small plaque has our company name, phone number and email address on it. Our tenants have our contact information already, but we haven't had any non-residents of the building contact us through the sign on the building. 

It's in the State Sanitary Code. In my opinion, the sanitary code is a document that all Massachusetts landlords should review and be familiar with. 

Relevent text:

The owner of a dwelling is required to post a notice which is constructed of durable material and which is no smaller than 20 square inches in size listing the owner’s name, address and telephone number if he/she does not live in the dwelling or have a manager living in the dwelling. If the owner is a realty trust or partnership, the name, address and telephone number of the managing trustee or partner must be posted. If the owner is a corporation, the name, address and telephone number of the president of the corporation shall be posted. [410.481]

You can find the full PDF here:

Many thanks Dan! It's not clear from the wording though about location of this sign - does it need to be on the outside of the building or can it be located on the inside? My building has 2 locked doors (front and side) to the inside (not double doors like the post above) so if it was on the inside then nobody could see this sign unless they had a key to the building and/or were let into the building by someone with a key. Perhaps the answer to this question depends on the purpose of the sign - is it for the benefit of the tenants in case any issues? Is for the police/fire department in an emergency? Is it for people walking by the building to be able to contact the owner?

@David S.

The code says the sign should be in the building. You will however see around town that it is common for management companies to put their information on the outside of a building.

Police & fire know who owns the building and where you live through the property tax database. Also, in many ways they don't care -- if there is an emergency they will do whatever is needed and ask questions later.

Neighbors can report can report complaints to the city/town who will track down the owner via tax records.

Therefore, I believe the notice is to benefit the residents so they know who to call for maintenance, complaints, etc.