Construction Costs in Worcester, MA

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Hi Everyone!

I was wondering if someone could give me an estimate for how much it costs to build a duplex in Worcester, MA. I'm looking into building a duplex with a total square footage of roughly 2800. Both units would be on the higher end (granite counters in the kitchen and bath, hardwood floors throughout the house, stainless steel appliances, etc.). Any feedback on this would be much appreciated.


I can put you in touch with some people in Worcester.  If i were to price it i would say $150/SF not including land or sewer tie in.  so $420k construction cost, but you may be able to shave a bit since you have 2 houses basically under one roof.  I would be glad to help.

Not much for me to add here but Brian knows the city very well. I was driving around last week and found 19 Lewis St, it looks like a new build duplex. Looks super sharp, maybe you can figure out who built it.