OOS investor looking to connect this weekend!

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Hi BP!

I am an OOS investor from Virginia and have been researching the Detroit market for buy and hold. Bought my ticket and will be in Detroit this weekend 7/20-7/22!  Would love to connect with any and all local investors, agents, PMs, contractors, really just anyone to learn more about the market as I drive the neighborhoods.  Please let me know if you're available and would like to grab coffee, lunch or even dinner?  I have a few appointments lined up already but would like to meet as many as possible while I'm in town.  Also, which areas should I look into and which areas should I avoid?  Any sights or landmarks I must see as a first time visitor?

Thanks in advance!


@Duy Mao

Hi. My name is Eric & I’m an investor in the area as well. I buy properties & wholesale them at a very low price. I saw that you’re in town until today. Unfortunately I’m just now seeing this, but I would love to meet with you to show you around or to just show you the homes I have available. If you’re still looking to buy properties in the area, please message me your email & I’ll send you what I have. Thank you & have a great day.