Long-distance real estate investing in Detroit

3 Replies | Detroit, Michigan

Hello BiggerPockets family I wanted to know what everyone's experience has been in terms of long-distance investing in the Midwest. In particular, Detroit Michigan. I have an investor friend who is from there and is looking to invest in the 8 Mile, 7 mile, downtown area of Detroit Michigan.

he is looking to possibly do lease option offers for homeowners who are in pre-foreclosure. Wondering if anyone has any experience with this.

@Raymond Hill , my first flips were in Michigan while living/working in California. I've since moved to Michigan. The key to success was finding good people on the ground. I had an extensive list of questions that I used when contacting people to find the right fit. It took a while to find the right person, but I eventually did. Then I used that resource to help me find others to fill in the gaps. I'm sure there are people on BP in the Detroit area (I'm in metro-Detroit, not in the city, so not sure I'd be a ton of help) that can assist. @Jabari Long sounds like he might be a useful resource and/or can point you in the right direction. Happy to share some of the questions I used if you want to message me.