Tenants evicting tenants?

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I am assuming you are saying you have a tenant and that tenant has another person living in the same rental unit or house. Most leases and rental agreements state that tenants cannot sub lease or sub rent a rental unit. Therefore, the person in question should most-likely be considered a guest and not a tenant.

We have problems all the time where tenants move lovers into their units and when they don't want to be with each other, anymore, they ask us to kick their lover out. We refuse to get involved, but we will give everyone in the rental unit the boot when they move in people not listed on the lease and refuse to pay the additional rent that we charge.

Don't get involved unless you want to charge more money, or if they are thrashing your unit.

This is actually my problem I should have been specific. I knew I could come here for answers. I had to call the police on this individual to prevent any violence. They said that I can't just throw her out because she lives here. Even though she's not on the lease. They said she's lived here too long and I can't just throw her out. It's been 5 months and She hasn't paid any money and constantly ruins the peace of the house. From these answers I see the landlord shouldn't get involved so what are my options? Do I need to go to court or can she's simply be removed as a guest of the house?

Hi Raimon, at this point, it is probably best to reach out to legal counsel to figure out your best course of action, and whether or not it actually falls on you. As some others have noted before, you may not want to get involved-- but again, consult with legal counsel so that there's no ambiguity around what is expected/what needs to be done in order to get this individual removed. State laws vary, and in some instances, even hyper-local laws vary. Don't chance it. It would be different if this was a temporary guest situation but it sounds like the individual has resided at the property for quite some time (5 months+). I hope everything works out. Definitely a tough place to be in because you want to make sure that your property isn't at risk due to the domestic disputes that seem to be taking place between the tenant and their guest who has assumed residency.