Florida Tax Lien auctions start in May

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The Florida Tax Lien auctions start in May. Many of the county auctions are online. They use ACH for a 10% deposit and you want to have that sent by the county deadline.

Here are the two main software providers for tax lien auctions in Florida. You want to have accounts open and review the rules and deadlines now so you don't get caught by surprise.

Grant Street Group Florida auctions

RealAuction Florida auctions

Here is my BP blog article on using Online tax lien auctions - The basics of what you have to do set up an account, how payment is made to the county, deposits, how auctions work online, etc.

Grant street group handles the Baltimore City auction and they do a great job. Whoever was handling the sales for the other couties in MD really screwed up the last two years. I am surprised they haven't switched to Grant street.

Thanks for the info Jerry.

Thanks, Jerry. I hope I can find some stuff in Palm Beach!


@Michael Lemieux @Tim L.

Just to be clear, you guys realize you'll just be lending money to the county, at your bid interest rate, not gaining any property rights, right? And in a couple of years you may have to spend two to four times your initial investment, to collect. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

@Wayne Brooks I know that, interest is income, right?

Hopefully I'll be around for a few more years and maybe gain some of those property rights.

: )

@William Borregard , there is always someone who hasn't paid their taxes, it's just a matter of how "little" your willing to make on your money. I see this is your first post. Welcome to BP! When you can, take a minute and go to New Member Introductions and tell us about yourself. I would also recommend checking out The Ultimate Beginner's Guide and all of the podcasts, I got something out of every one of them.

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