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I am finding that my current supplier of title reports is not doing a good.  I am finding that a significant percentage of reports have discrepancies between the summary information provided and the actual documents recorded on title.  These types of errors render the summary worthless and force me to do the analysis myself.

So, I am looking for qualified recommendations for other suppliers.  I am fairly competent with internet search and have no trouble finding other companies offering the service, but I would rather not proceed on a trial and error basis.  What I am looking for here are qualified recommendations, i.e., if you have used the provider in the past and have found the reports produced to be accurate, I would love to hear about it.


Hi Mike,

I've been pleased with the O&E report from Abstrax.


Same here, Abstrax has been pretty good. Fast too.

Thanks for the feedback Bob and Joshua.  Unfortunately, that's the one I am having trouble with.  I recently purchased a bulk order of around 60 reports for a pool purchase.  There was some title cleanup to do after the purchase and we ended up releasing a number of liens and assigning others, and in drafting these documents discovered that the information included in the summary was frequently inaccurate.  

Releasing the wrong lien is not a mistake I want to make so I was verifying the instrument numbers, dates, etc against the actual document images, and in doing so found many discrepancies.  Generally, I found that the liens and lien positions were all there in the summary, but the current lien holder, instrument numbers, dates, and assignment chain were frequently inaccurate.  I subsequently discovered that these reports are farmed out to a 3rd party.  Some reports were spot on, and some were not.  I think it is luck of the draw WRT the individual who put the report together.  It's disappointing, because I like the report format and have a good working relationship with the vendor, but I don't think they have the proper quality controls in place.

Thanks for the heads up on Abstrax Mike. Let us know if you find a more reliable service and I will post if I do.

Hi Gabe - I have not.  Have you had good results with them?

@Mike Hartzog Hi Mike, they just made a really silly error so I am going to try a different provider now.  I'll let you know how that goes.

@Mike Hartzog

 Hi Mike, Richmond Monroe runs O&E reports also.  I use them for all of my file scrubbing, storage, and recording needs so I will try them for my next O&E report.

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