How to legally raise funds for note buying

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I recently purchased my first note and I am looking at a couple of other notes. My question is once I run through my initial capital, how can I legally raise funds?

Where can I find JV's or information on how to reach out to them?

If anyone has used JV's can you share your experience?

I just want to make sure I do not collect any funds improperly.  

Thanks in advance for your time!!

Hi Ray, we recently formed a private equity fund to do such a thing. Ours is a Reg D 506(b) fund which provides for both accredited and non-accredited investors.  These are folks who understand how lucrative notes can be but don't have the time or resources to do their own note buying.  Something like this will allow you to raise millions in capital but plan on spending $15-30K for attorneys fees to get all of the required documents made. 

On the lower end of the spectrum, I'm doing JV partnerships with individuals on on-off NPL deals where they provide the funding, I do the workouts and we do a profit split on cash flow and/or capital gain. We execute a JV agreement and typically will create a Personal Property Trust to hold the asset with each of us or our entities as the beneficiaries. Unless you are planning to do multiple deals with one partner, using a PP Trust is less expensive and simpler than creating a LLC.

To find JV partners, look at your local REIA group or see if there is a Meetup group in your area. Notes are a relationship business, even when looking for partners.

Hope this helps!



This is great information! I cannot thank you enough. Now I can spend a few hours researching what you have provided me. 

And Jay, the other side of the coin is also meeting state mortgage brokerage laws, you can find those requirement by state searching for "mortgage broker laws".

Establishing any funding entity is not a license to originate mortgages.

As Bob mentioned, starting your own isn't cheap. :)

"but plan on spending $15-30K for attorneys fees to get all of the required documents made."

Bob is correct - you'll be lucky if it only costs you $15K, as $20-$35K is more realistic.  I did this toward the end of 2014, so that I could have a multi-investor structure in place for 2015, so that I could go from a "flip" strategy (taxed at ordinary income rates) to a "hold" strategy (taxed at long-term capital gains rates)... which requires longer term capitalization.

Despite the structure, I still only deal with investment partners I already know, because it makes running this business a pleasure and keeps life simple.

@Lew Payne

Thanks. The information was helpful. This isn't something I am going to do next week but it allows me to put it on the back burner! This is exciting as I just bought my 1st note and in the process of getting 2 NPN's!!

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