Looking for a title insurance company that will write on a tax sale property.

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Does anyone know of a title insurance company that will write a policy on a property that was obtained through a tax sale? All legal steps have been followed to quiet title and I have a judgment on the property. I am now the legal owner and would like to sell it. I spoke to a few attorneys and one told me he knows of a title insurance company that will write only after I've had a judgment for three years. I'm sure different title insurance companies have different policies and I'm hoping to find one that would be willing to write a policy now if possible. I could always sell to someone that has cash and doesn't need title insurance because of a mortgage however this will be a lot harder to find. 

I am in Louisiana. If you know of any title insurance companies please let me know, thanks.

Most all buyers will want title insurance. 

Not sure what your logic is about a buyer who gets a mortgage as a commercial lender (I.e. Bank) will require a lender's policy of title insurance. Perhaps a seller financed deal could avoid insurance, but what would you want to take on the risk should you have to foreclose, especially in a judicial state. 

There is a company called Tax Title Service in Costa Mesa, CA. They underwrite thru another larger title company. I don't know if they write in your state. 

Btw, I just noticed your signature tag line. If you are putting yourself out on the forums as an expert, one might think you'd already worked this little step out in advance?