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Hello From Georgia,

My year and a day has passed on a tax deed property I purchased. I sent certified letters out to all parties regarding barring right to redemption, posted the barring in the newspaper. The 45 days have now passed. I am not looking to clear title at this moment, but wanted tho know how do I get the house in my name..I have the tax deed paper but wasn't sure if something else needed to be done. Do I notify tax assessors office?

If you have a Tax deed issued by the county then you are the owner. If house is empty change the locks and secure the property.

If a non owner is there send them a letter and see if you can make them your new tenant. I love when this happens as there are no huge repair bills. If previous owner still lives there go to Magistrate and fill out paperwork to have them removed. This is similar to an eviction but a little different.



I think I would search online in the tax assessors site.   Most of the counties have records online and ensure that your name is on property.  If not you may have to go into the tax assessor and show them your documentation and have them transfer the name on the property to you.   Best of luck.


Thanks everyone!!!

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