delinquent tax property

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Ok if I'm at the court house looking at public records  for delanquent tax properties what information  would I be looking for? Or is there  some other place I should be looking. Trying to build a mailing list doing the work myself. Also open to any other mailing niche where I can do my own work in creating the list. I did driving for dollars an my response rate  has been  pretty good for me.I just want to keep building on the momentum if that doesn't sound crazy. Thanks in advance  for any input.

Ask the county for a list of delinquent properties. Some counties may charge a fee but it is worth the price. You get so much useful information in the list they provide.

The list may have 4000 properties like my county would have.

One useful thong you can sift through at the county office is if the certified letters where signed for or if they came back in received.

This may indicate an owner that the county can't locate to inform them they may be losing their property. The County will only send the letters to the best k own adress and then they will post a sign on the property if the certified letters are not signed for.

The best use of your time is driving by the houses once you do have the list.

John Underwood 

Generally you want to talk to the tax sale office for your  city of county. Many times the county website will have information including the results from prior tax sales. If it is a tax liens state then these are the properties at risk of current foreclosure. 

@Harry D Johnson

I have 3 tax sale rules:

1.  Know the rules of the specific sale you plan on attending.  Some sales wipe out liens others do not.  Some sell Tax Deeds, some sell Tax Liens.  Totally different sales with different strategies.

2.  Always do your due diligence including title search, zoning checks, code violations, etc.

3.  Always physically see the property, don't rely on internet photos, which can be dated and years old.  Some times the house has burnt down, but internet pictures show it still standing.  also internet pictures don't always show what surrounds the property.

Good luck and be careful.

Thanks everyone for the input. Really appreciate it. I was able to build a list of delanquent tax properties. Should I market  to the owner of the properties or just go through the parish or sheriff sale.

I do know there is a three-year redemption period here in Louisiana 

Here's  another question I know that the city send out some mail to property owners would that be public records to if so what is the proper term for those letters? The reason for me asking is I'm  trying  to get in touch with the owners before the tax sell. My plan is to try and catch them around the second letter.

@Harry D Johnson Hey Harry interesting thread. I just went driving for dollars and one of the properties is delinquent on taxes. Were you able to reach out to owners in similar situations with positive results? What was your strategy? I would love to learn more about how you approached these situations since this thread is 4 years old. Thanks!