Need help filing quite title after tax deed purchase

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this is for fl.  how do file a quiet title after a tax deed sale by myself.    Do I just go to court house and request the forms?  They say the process might take 60 days.

I can’t afford the 1500-3k that some attorneys want. 

If you insist on doing it yourself, go to the courthouse and pull the case files on other QT actions.  You'll see most of the things that need to be have to notice all parties that the clerk noticed in their tax deed auction procedure, mong other things

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@Ron J. Why don't you try and get the owner to sign the deed over to you?   Offer them a couple hundred and see what happens.  FYI>>The title is only necessary if you sell it.  If you rent it out, then you don't need the title right now.  I hope this helps.


Originally posted by @Christine T. :

@Ron J. it could take longer than 60 days.

 I'm dealing with a owner in another state, it seems those take the longest because you have to wait on there local sheriff.    It sucks that's the down side of tax deeds.   Turnaround time is a killer.