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Has anyone dealt with Mowing Liens from the City? The city of Fort Worth, Texas has a mowing Lien on an empty lot. The owner lives in California and was not mowing his lots for years, so the city mowed the lots for him. Is there a way to convince the city to waive the mowing Liens?

In Fresno California and New Orleans,LA they have lien forgiveness programs. Below is what it looks like in the city of Fresno,  CA. You should look into your city to see if they have such programs.  Hope this helps. 

Code Lien Waiver Program

How it Works

Before purchasing a property, the purchaser may request a code lien payoff summary. The

City will issue a summary of liens due at closing. These -are divided into two categories—

abatement liens and fines or citations. Abatement liens are the actual cost of abatement

such as trash or weed removal. Fines or citations are the fees associated with the code

enforcement action and the penalties assessed to the property owner for noncompliance.

The purchaser will request an agreement from the City with complete scope of work

and anticipated investment. At a minimum the work must remediate all code violations.

The purchaser may request up to 90 days to complete the work necessary.

The City Manager may enter into an agreement to waive up to $100,000 in fines or

citations. The purchaser must pay all abatement liens at closing. At the end of the 90

days, the City will determine if the investment has been made and the code violations

removed. At that time, the agreement will be completed and the code case closed.

City Waives Fees and Citations

Investors seeking to identify property for rehabilitation can sometimes

run into roadblocks such as unpaid code enforcement liens.

Beginning in early 2014, the City of Fresno began offering a Code Lien waiver

program to encourage reinvestment in established neighborhoods.

An investor seeking to purchase a home or residential unit

with code enforcement liens can participate.

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