Who is attending NoteExpo this year?

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Doing my annual check in to see who is going to Note Expo in Ft. Worth next week. If you plan to attend, please post here and we can organize a casual BP group meeting at the hotel bar. 


Hey Bob... We will be there. Looking forward to catching up.

Great news Bob and Wayne will be there too. Thats 2 rounds of beers I won't have to pay for! Thanks guys

PPR and I will be there! Would love to make it to the BP meetup if I can. Keep me posted on the details.

Will do Dave. We may have to charge you vendors a fee to attend though.  ;^)

what about the one in Vegas  association of private lenders are you going to that one.. looks like some pretty heavy hitters are going to be presenting

I will be there. Looking forward to the BP meeting.

I will be there.  Bob - I would love to meet you in person.

Me too Ann! To all, let's plan on congregating at the reception Friday around 6. This will be in the "marketplace" ballroom so lets plan on gathering at the ProTitle booth around 6.


I'm planning on attending.  Thanks.

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