PipeDrive vs Podio: What's a Note Investor to Do?!

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My note business is growing and I am a rabid supporter of scalable, smart systems and processes. If I have to do something 1 or more times, there should be a system for it. I have heard quite a bit of good for PipeDrive. I have also heard how customizable Podio is. The Googles seem to give me comparisons about what major industries use them or if they offer a free trial, but nothing very deep into if they are effective for a note business. Has anyone used both? Or have an opinion about either product? Pros or cons?

One answer. Email integration. Pipedrive has it and last I checked Podio does not. 

There are other CRMs and they have some great automations and other functions that Pipedrive doesn't. However, it is the ability to tie an email to a deal that was the deciding factor for me.

I just checked Podio and they still use the same system as before. Each deal has its own email address. To assign an email to a deal, you will have to forward that email to the deal specific email address. Multiply the number of deals you have and that is how many email addresses you will have to maintain. You'll be spending a lot of time looking up email addresses.

Truth be told, @Adam Adams you were one of the ones I know uses Pipedrive and had the videos  ;)  That is great info about the way Podio "integrates" email. I had seen a breakdown that seemed to indicate they both had it. I have enough email addresses to maintain already.

That itself is reason enough to go with PipeDrive. Any Podio experts please feel free to chime in if there is a better email integration interface.

@Bryan O.

Podio has alot of extensions that integrate with your email.  Mail Chimp, PieSync, Podio Tools Email Tool, ForeSync, InvestorFuse, GlobiMail, SwiftMail, ect...  some are free some are paid but point being Podio has the capability.

Can't speak for PipeDrive, I've never used that one.

I do have NoteSmith bookmarked for when I start getting into notes.

I ran across one called NoteWerx that is cloud based.  

Also Bryan I would like to chat about your note business sometime.  I'm about to go down that road myself and it looks like your well on your way ahead of me.  Any advice that you can give to someone taking the path you just went down would be appreciated.


Jeff V

We've been using Pipedrives and Basecamp to effectively manage our notes between all 3 principals in the company and find it to be a viable solution. I tried Podio a few years ago and ended up disliking it and never went back. Notewerx is no longer in business, this was a product from Marc Gold who has moved on to other enterprises. 

@Bryan O.  I use Podio extensively for my fix and flip business, and it is by far the most comprehensive program out there.  It does have the ability to integrate email as @Jeff V.  mentioned but it takes some setup with Globiflow. I've got it to where I only have to send the email to one address and it autmatically attaches to the contact, then you can pick the project/deal that it's associated.  

I'm now in the prelim stage of setting it up for my note business.  

Can you set up email with Globiflow or do you have to purchase globimail? My problem with podio is the costs start adding up the more you want it to do, and at each stage I expect it to do more, but I know it’s my lack of podio fluency it’s just frustrating.

@Bryan O. - we have been using Podio for the last 3 years in our note business, primarily through a few "apps" that we have customized extensively.  Due diligence tracks our progress and identifies any red flags pre-purchase; Borrower Management to track the data relating to the borrower/collateral documents/property; and Legal to track/monitor where we are at with demand letters, trustee sales, etc.  I watched @Adam Adams video on Pipedrive - and that is a really nice feature that Podio does not offer.  I try to accomplish the same organization through a separate email folder for each loan we have in the portfolio.  Its not automated, but I feel like the customization we have in Podio makes it worthwhile.  

I'm in Denver - if you'd ever like to meet up, I can show you what we've built over coffee.

@Adam Adams - Podio has email integration through Globiflow. You can also use Zapier to connect it to extremely powerful email softwares such as MailChimp, Aweber, etc. When you say that each deal has an unique email address, I assume you are referring to an individual entry (item) in Podio? This can be mitigated using the info I discussed above. 

@Hunter Locke - Yes, you can send email. I wouldn't recommend using it as an email platform, but its great for autoresponders and even 1-time replies. You would not need Globimail to do this, just Globiflow. 

@Colin do you have any links to resources on how to set up the email piece in Podio as you describe? Whenever I search I’m finding either on top of podio turnkey solutions (like InvestorFuse for example) or GlobiMail

@Collin Goodwin - Thanks Collin. I'll check it out. I'm reading about it, but it's talking about automation in regards to sending out emails. When I talk about email integration, I'm talking about regular emails coming in and out and being able to tie them to a deal. Not automation, not marketing. Just the day to day correspondence. 

In the image, over to the right, I can take any email and assign it to a deal with the click of a mouse. Then I can go to the deal AJA Test and I can see all the emails associated to the deal. Can I do that in Globiflow? Or Globimail?

@Adam Adams It looks like you have a central inbox in which you click a button and direct the message to the file folder. Please let me know if i'm wrong there.

Podio would be set up a bit different, but would achieve similar functionality.. Here is how it would work: 

1. A record would be created for an individual property, deal, person, etc...

2. By using Globimail, you would be able to have conversations with the email associated with the above record (IE. the record is for Bob, anytime you compose an email within the item, it would automatically go to bobs email) directly within the record or folder for Bob. 

3. You can repeat this multiple times and have multiple conversations stored and organized in their individual records, accomplishing the same thing as your doing in pipedrive, but without the extra step of having to manually assign it to a record.

Regarding multiple email addresses, here is how it would work:

1. You would map Podio or Globimail to your domain. All emails sent from Podio or Globimail would come from the same exact email address - So to the recipient, it would appear that you only have 1 email.

2. The main difference is the "reply-to" which is typically masked anyways. Podio would automatically attach a unique "reply-to" address which would direct the response directly back into the record from which it was sent, keeping it extremely organized and accomplishing the objective. 

The only downfall I see to this would be a generic email coming to that email that does not have a specific "reply-to" item email. For this, I would just direct all emails to a "leads" app and create a new record one time, and then continue the conversation from there. 

So its very possible to meet the same functionality, and maybe even eliminates a step along the way. 

@Collin Goodwin - "2. The main difference is the "reply-to" which is typically masked anyways. Podio would automatically attach a unique "reply-to" address which would direct the response directly back into the record from which it was sent, keeping it extremely organized and accomplishing the objective. "

All of the CRMs use this method or similar. That's what I'm trying to avoid. Pipedrive avoids this system. I can setup Pipedrive to automatically link to deals, but when my attorney writes me in regards to a property, Pipedrive isn't going to know, so I pick it myself. However, picking a deal is a matter of a couple of seconds. This way I am not working with an elaborate system of unique email addresses. I only have my one account and everything is tied to it.

@Adam Adams - Just to clarify, thats really the intent of Globimail... It auto creates the unique reply-to email so you dont have to keep up with them, or even know they exist. The average user, and email recipient, would likely not even know it exists. 

You simply would select "Compose Email" from the internal record, and all the necessary pieces would be created and formatted. You would not have to think twice about it. 

There is a lot to be said about individual process and preference. Thats the beauty of these systems. 

@Adam Adams - In that case, I would create an "Email" app which accepts all inbound emails for a particular, single, email address. 

Here's how it would flow: 

1. An Email comes into the app from anyone. 

2. Using a relationship field, I simply tag a client from an existing record. If its a first time email, I can simply select "Create New Record" and have a flow to create a record and file the email. 

Ultimately, I would be able to go into the record and see a history of all emails between myself and the client. 

@Collin Goodwin

I'm not talking about the correspondence between people and the history of that contact. All CRMs offer that. Even basic GMail. I am talking about looking at the deal, which for me is a property or a note, and seeing all the notes that I have made, all the tasks that I have completed, and all the emails that were originated by outside parties that came into my inbox, or emails that I originated. And I can associate all of these things to the deal without any effort except the click of a mouse button. I do not need 3rd party programs and I do not need extra email address.

I have a property and that is my deal. I have partners, realtors, brokers, property managers, attorneys, borrowers, renters, sellers and buyers. I do not have to associate these people to the deal, but I can. I can also associate any email coming in or going out from these people to the deal. A lot of these parties would be involved in multiple deals. My attorneys, for example, cover multiple states, so I would not restrict my attorney to one deal, but I would tie their emails as they came in or go out to multiple deals. Once an email is tagged to a deal, any responses in the chain are automatically tagged to the deal. 

Now two years after I buy a note and I take the borrower to court to foreclose on him, he takes me to court and sues me instead. They demand all the correspondence related to him and the property. I said no sweat. I go to the deal and I see every note, activity, logged phone calls and emails that are tied to it going back to the beginning of time with this deal. It took me less than an hour to get over two years of records printed to PDF and hand it over to my attorney. This is a true story by the way. The ability to be able to click on one thing, the deal, and see every correspondence that has gone in and out and all the things I have done with tasks or notes, is why I use Pipedrive. Other systems have workarounds, but they are tedious and complex. Pipedrive makes it easy. If they did not have this functionality, I'd be using another system, but so far, they seem to be the only one that the price point of around $20-$23/month.

In the image below, you see the correspondence between you and I through Bigger Pockets, you see someone tagged me in Facebook, you see the stages that this deal has been through and when. If I populated the deal data, you'd see all of that as well include relevant persons involved that I have tagged to the deal. It's all on one page and all of the emails are tracked which is the most important feature that I am looking for in a CRM. 

If Podio can do this, then great, but I'm under the impression that it doesn't, at least without some effort. All the other CRMs that I have tried offer this too, but with effort using extra emails. Well, Soho doesn't offer this at all. I don't want effort. 

@Collin Goodwin @Adam Adams

I have Podio setup and using a Globiflow script that automatically attaches any email I send into my "Email app" to the contact.  Globiflow gives the ability to go one step further and parses the subject line and searches a particular reference (I use the property address) then attaches it to that deal/Note.  This all done automatically, so I don't even need to choose the Contact or Deal.  The best part is that I have Outlook setup with a "Quickstep" that will push any email to Podio, so I don't even have to go into Podio.  

@Chad U.  @Collin Goodwin

You guys are talking about sending emails. I am talking about receiving emails. What do you do when you receive an email. How is it tied to the deal. Not contact, but deal. And what's this "Send into Email App". Are you using two systems, Outlook and Podio?

Originally posted by @Adam Adams :

@Chad Urbshott @Collin Goodwin

You guys are talking about sending emails. I am talking about receiving emails. What do you do when you receive an email. How is it tied to the deal. Not contact, but deal. And what's this "Send into Email App". Are you using two systems, Outlook and Podio?

 I'm referring to both sent and received emails.  You can tag them to both the contact and deal, but with Globiflow I've got it setup to automatically attach the email to both.  Unfortunately the drawback is that email isn't integrated right within Podio so you cannot do the attaching right within the platform.  I use Outlook as my email host, which offers a lot of short cuts, one of which you can send to Podio with click of a button.   I believe Insightly now offers the same capability as Pipedrive where you can add the contact and deal within the platform.  

Cool. I liked Insightly. That's the first one I tried. It was missing the email integration and one more little problem with custom fields. You can create a custom field, import data into it, but you cannot update that data through an import. Probably not a big deal for most.

I'll go check out the Insightly and see if I can get another trial. Thanks