Tax Lien Certificate Training with Ted Thomas

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Hi BP peeps! 

I have been reading about Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deed Sales. I came across  this guy Ted Thomas  who offers a training course with over the phone coaching and info on Tax lien auctions all over the country. The course is a few thousand dollars so I figured I'd do some research before investing all that money. Has anyone here done Ted Thomas' program or do you recommend any other programs or books? I thank you in advance for any suggestions.


@Erick Chavarria Ted Thomas was one of the early guys promoting tax liens. Someone gave me his course and I just skimmed through it and was not impressed.  A book I have heard recommended a number of times is "The 16% Solution" (or something similar).  

One of the things about tax sale is the regulations vary tremendously from sate to state. You need to know how the law in the specific area you bid affect your returns. I see a regular cycle of big guys coming into MD and bidding only to learn after a few years, they didn't earn near what they though they would.

BP is a pretty good source of specific information about tax lien and tax deed sales.

@Ned Carey Thank you! Just found "The 16% Solution" on amazon. I will keep reading up on this type of investment. Again, Thank you so  much! 

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