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I spotted a motel listed on the Georgia Revenue's list from their site. It shows the taxes have been reported delinquent since Q1 2017 so I'm concluding the motel will go in a tax lien sale in 2018. I've heard of tax lien sales for property taxes so is this type of tax considered a hotel/motel's property tax? I was listening to the podcast about land flipping and how he sends out letters /postcards to property owners making offers and I was wondering if this could be done in the same fashion? I guess taxes are taxes but seems unfathomable that you could get a hotel for few taxes that they are behind on. I'm being naive aren't I?


There is no pain in sending them a few mailers. Once you get them on the phone you can learn even more about their situation.

They will know how to get out of their situation and you can help solve their problem for them.

@Sharon Deloris

Absolutely you can use DM to target the owners. It's not as simple as that though, there are things you need to do to prepare and do direct mail properly. For example, do you know how to track down the owners if it's a bad bounced address? Did you know that only first class postage will bounce? 

If you want to pursue that route, the response rate is good for tax delinquent. If you want a gameplan, checklist of things to prepare, or help with direct mail, feel free to holler and I'd be glad to help.

Good luck!

Is there a mortgage on it?   If there is, chances are at some point the mortgage company will pay before it goes to auction and even often on the day of the auction.  Almost everything we see with a mortgage in our part of the work seems to get pulled from the auction when the mortgage company pays it.  All too often on the morning of the auction.  Hard to believe they time it that close, but they seem to know the trick to do that.

I have not seen or heard of this before, but expect it certainly could be possible.  Is it a small hotel or big?  Franchise or non-franchise?  Look like it is individually owned, or by a big company?  How long have they owned it?  Some of those answers may tell you how likely it is to actually make it to the auction.

@Antoine Martel I agree. Thanks for your feedback.

@Bruce Lynn I'm not sure about alot of things on this listing - there's still alot of research to do in a little amount of time but your questions should gratefully aid my search. I happened to search the our state's site and just never came across "hotel motel tax." I'm aware there are such taxes but didn't put 2 and 2 together. The property is The Red Carpet Inn in Jesup, Ga. I tried calling the number that google provided but it's disconnected. Google Earth doesn't render much outside of a good view. So it could very well be closed. The owner list as a management company: Jesup Motel Management, Inc. Also, shows dissolved in 2015 from the Secretary of State's website. 

If anything it would be good practice to send out some DMs, you just never know. @Ray Lai I will be reaching out for pointers. 

Thanks All!

I believe what we are talking about is the hotel/motel room occupancy tax.  This is a actually  an obligation of the motel operator, not the real property.  So this can not result in a lien against the real estate, and hence can not result in a foreclosure filing.

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