Sorting Tax Delinquent List for most motivated sellers

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I just my hands on LA county delinquent tax roll and I'm sorting through the data and am a bit overwhelmed. My excel spreadsheet has about 700,000 rows worth of data and I'm trying to narrow it down to the top 5,000 most motivated leads. Whoever has experience with the tax list, are you finding that best leads come from the most number of defaults, highest current balance due, years in delinquency or anything else? What's the best criteria to focus on? Thanks in advance.

What fields/data points do they give you.

Next thought is by area or by type.

Maybe you want to rule in or out certain neighborhoods or types of properties....or by price.

For example in my area we get lots of $500 lots.  I'm not really interested in vacant lots in old neighborhoods scattered about where the homes are all $50,000 and in not so great condition.  No one is building in the area.   I don't want mobile homes....etc etc.....

@Anthony DiRico does the spreadsheet give you delinquent amount and CAD value? 

 If so, I would take the top five thousand with the highest delinquency as a percentage of the overall value.  For instance, a $20k tax delinquency on a $200k property would carry a lot more weight with me than a $20k tax delinquency on a $700k property.

Either that or you could just take the top 5,000 most delinquent properties you can find that fall within your parameters.

A lot of the the top 5000 most delinquent properties will have the same properties with multiple years of delinquency.

I'm a little tired, so hope I didn't write that in a confusing way lol.

@Anthony DiRico   This one might be worth hiring a web-app developer to turn the account numbers into hyperlinks and auto extract high interest cells, like assessment breakdown, when purchased, absentee and addy. The hyperlinks could take you to the full data sheet, while selected fields are auto extracted so you can sort & stack the bulk data.  Conditional formatting will help ID the best fits.

I expect you could find such a person on Craigslist or fiverr or such. An experienced developer might be able knock it out in a few hours and save you massive time.  Plus, you could use the program against other county lists.  If it turns out to be helpful, consider having them build a data mapping interface so you can tailor it for future use against other counties/formats.

Be sure that your agreement gives you ownership of the intellectual property - don't let them bamboozle you with stories of Proprietary Elements.  Work these details out before you give them the entire picture.  If they won't agree to your terms, look for another programmer.

Sounds like a great opportunity for you to develop a new tool and license it, or offer to run for others without giving them access to the tool itself.  Instant diversified income stream... Mailing list generation from unique/tailored data set... 

It's a thought...

@Bruce Lynn they honestly don't give much of what I thought I was going to get. I have the assessors ID number so I can't tell the area or type until I search for it in the property records. So it's hard to really separate for the good criteria until I have the entire list scraped. $500 lots? Haha that's wild. I wish I could find stuff like that out in LA. I think I'm just going to have to scrape it or pay someone to do it. Thanks for the input, I appreciate it.

@Larry Higgins I have the delinquent amount but I can't be sure of the total value until I scrape all the assessors IDs. I'm not sure what a CAD is exactly. I know what you mean though in terms of a percentage. It makes a ton of sense. I think I'll be forced to use number of delinquencies and total balance owed at the moment without spending some serious dough on scraping or developing someone that @Keith Thompson mentioned. Thanks for your help.

Keith, I've talked to a programmer friend but am a bit strapped for cash at the moment. I was going to try and struggle through a few more hours of it myself to allow me to put more money into mail, pulling phone numbers, etc. I completely agree and think it's a solid idea but everything great like that comes at a price that I cannot afford at the moment. I guess I could always keep asking around. I appreciate the reply though, thank you.