Note Investing - Day 10 or 14 Thank You's

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Day 10 of 14 of sending love to people that showed me kindness when I first started out Note Investing. This morning I’m sending a shout out to Victoria Varrasse. She was my first connection to buying outside a retail setting, and she treated me with respect and dignity. I transacted quite a bit with SMR the first few years and greatly appreciated Victoria's integrity and honor. Thank you, Victoria for helping me break into the note community…I’m forever grateful.

Congrats on your success @Martin Saenz !  I would also like to jump into note investing someday.  I hope it works out for you!

Good luck!

Hello Michael, thanks.  I'm a full time note investor and it's been a total blessing in my life.  I have freedom of time and have income coming in for a 30 year time period..  I've spent a lot of time in Watertown while doing some work at Fort Drum.  You should jump right in.  There are a lot of good books you can read on notes including my Note Investing Made Easier.  All the best!

I agree with Martin, note investing can be very lucrative. One must develop a comprehensive discipline for analysis and negotiations to help ensure their success in this niche. 

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