Is Tax Sale Resources a Good Choice?

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So far so good as I have been getting the ball rolling, having bought over a half dozen tax liens so far, and doing thorough research on properties has become more natural with every new lien.

But now I must ask: does anyone know anything about I've been getting emails from them for quite awhile, and am now wondering if it'll be worth it to subscribe to them.

@Eric B. I don't know anything about them or their services, but here is some food for thought. What information are they going to give you that you cannot get yourself?  How up to date is their information? What is the value to you, to them supplying the information vs you finding it yourself? 

Personally I don't have the least bit of interest in services like that. None can possibly supply the most important piece of information to me. What is the current condition and what does that make it worth? 

A few people have contacted me and asked me what I would want in software for tax lien investing. My response is basically why would I want that?  What can it do for me that I can't do better myself?

Great point @Ned Carey . Come to think of it, there's not really anything I can think of that they offer that compares to the reliably up-to-date information that Grant Street and other sites I use regularly offer. But keep in mind, I'm just going by what I already know about, which is not much. 

Perhaps I should just stick to what I know is good and works!

@Eric B. I am beyond new to tax liens and obviously looking to learn as much as possible.  What is Grant Street? I have tons of questions but I'll start there.  Thanks!

@CARL DECANINI Oh, Grant Street? Excellent resource for Florida and California tax deed auctions, as well as Florida auction & over-the-counter liens. Plus Florida auctions are held there year-round. Not all counties are year-round, of course though. Grant Street alone is more than enough to keep you busy for months!

@Eric B. Thanks.  I am looking to get into tax liens locally for commercial properties, Chicago metro area only for now. I have done ZERO real estate investing but my parents and grandparents made their money this way. The goal is to pick up a property to hold and manage. From what I have found, the redemption period is 6 months on commercial. I will also look at acquiring commercial properties on the market in addition to using tax liens.  I have a TON to learn.  This site is the bomb.

Yes, it certainly is! I wish I was able to advise you on a site that handles Cook County liens -- since your focus is the Chicago Metro area -- but unfortunately I don't know any. I do know a site through which tax deeds are auctioned on Illinois properties. But Cook is not one of the counties on that list. That's the bad news. The good news is there's about three or four dozen other Illinois counties on that site. 

@Eric B. Would you mind terribly giving out that website? I would like to take a look at which counties, I would greatly appreciate it

@Carl Lee No problem... And you requested this just in time because the Kane county auction is only a month away!

Originally posted by @Ned Carey :

@Carl Lee just Google Grant Street Group tax liens or similar search, and it should bring it up. They likely have many sites. They handle the baltimore city tax sale you can see that at I suspect they have links to other auctions there.

When do they start posting properties for Baltimore?  Definitely interested when that rolls around in the spring!

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