How to sell a non performing note

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I invested in nonperforming note a year ago and would like to sell it. The investment was structured as a contract between myself, the investor and the note buyer, who was supposed to either get the note performing or foreclose. He's done neither over the year and is charging me service fees... Plus he claims he's having trouble selling it and that I should try myself to find a buyer. Uggh. Anyway, if I could get the note performing myself I would but I'd rather just sell it and move on. Is there a market for individual note sales that I could list this on?

HI Debby!  I am so sorry that happened to you.  I am a real estate investor who focuses on non-performing notes.  It is the responsibility of the person who acquired the note to do due diligence to ensure the note is in a good location for resale along with many other factors.  I would definitely follow the advice of the people here and post the note for sale.  I wish you all the best.  

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