Land insurance: Do I need it on vacant land in Florida?

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I acquired several land parcels in Florida thru tax deed sales.

These are all vacant land parcels.

Does anyone know if I have to put land insurance on these parcels?

Wouldn't anyone who goes onto my land be trespassing and therefore would not

be able to sue  me?

Any advice would be helpful...

Btw, I'm selling all the parcels, if anyone is interested in learning more about them.


Hello, @Ilona Kovacs I suggest getting it. If you don’t and would get sued for some reason, you’d likely get sued personally despite your owning it in an LLC (if you do own it in a business entity, that is).

If you have a homeowner policy that liability coverage might extend to any vacant land you own. Talk to your agent.

@Ilona Kovacs

I would have to assume the risk exposure on vacant land to be less than the risk in a personal residence. With that said - there likely still is some risk. 
Insurance companies likely bake in the reduced risk in the pricing on the insurance policy. It might not be much. You may want to see if you can get an umbrella insurance on all the vacant land(if its cheaper).

Interesting point on trespassing. Are people able to distinguish that the land is private property? possibly put a do not trespass sign up?

Where abouts in Florida is the land located? Would you mind sending me some details?

@Jay Patel Just sent you an email.

I actually rent my home, so I don't have a homeowners policy... however, I may do an umbrella liability policy for all the properties....

If any one knows of an insurance company that does vacant land insurance, please let me know!


@Ilona Kovacs there are policies for this where you can buy Liability only.

I'll send you some additional info on it.

@Jason Bott I would be interested in who provides this coverage as well

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