Eddie Speed 3 Day Class KY or TX In September?

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Eddie Speeds 3 Day Note School training is coming up in September Louisville, KY Louisville, KY. (September 21 -23, 2018)  and Houston, TX Louisville, KY. September 28 -30, 2018I was curious to know if there's anyone on the fence on signing up? I ask because there's a 2 For 1 special he's running and I'd be stupid not to reach out before pulling the trigger on my own. 

He is the note boss.  Long long time doing this.  Probably worth whatever he charges if you are serious about doing this.

I emailed them and this is the response I got. 

"Thanks for contacting us. The 3 Day Class is $997 for you and a spouse, significant other or business. It also includes 3 Online On Demand Home Study Courses. 1) Rich Rewards in Notes (Performing Notes) 2) Big Money From Bad Debt (Non-Performing Notes) 3) Nothing Down Deal Architect (Buying and Selling on Terms). Each home study includes a detailed workbook.


The prices seem fair and I have read good things about him. I have no problem paying for that class here is where I get skeptical can someone let me know if there was an upsell to another class? Numerous real-estate events I have attended seem to have an upsell to them to the next course that cost an outrageous amount. If anyone can let me know that would be great. If there is no upsell I might attend the next 3-day seminar he has (permitting my work schedule). Any info would be great Steven Perre thank you for asking this question.