Beginning Note Investing?

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Hi, new to the forum and looking to get into note investing.  I've been doing a lot of research here on the topic - reading suggested books, researching potential classes to take, listening to BP podcasts, etc.  However, it seems that most of these discussions on BP are at least a year old at this point. Curious whether there is still opportunity to enter this space or if the lack of posts is a red flag that opportunities have dried up? Appreciate any thoughts you all have.  Thanks!

@Tom Seurynck There is still plenty of opportunity. There were a lot of people who I would say had interest in. It’s investing but many never pull the trigger. The reason why is those who tell you it is passive are not being honest. Note investing is not passive and it takes time and effort and the first year you will learn a lot but there may not be a lot to show for it and people tend to give up very early I would be happy to chat more offline about where I received my training etc as I know there are rules on BP about promoting people and their courses etc Thanks

There is a lot of opportunities if you are consistent in marketing for notes. I feel like there will always be a lot of opportunity in this space especially if the real estate market isn't performing as well. You will find that a lot of people love the appeal of notes but don't take action and/or use their resources such as bigger pockets. Like Chris said most people are attracted to the idea of getting rich quick without a lot of work but especially when you're starting out there is a lot to learn and a lot to do. It's also not quick as opposed to rentals and or flips but in my personal opinion its a lot more lucrative than some of the other investment vehicles.

There are plenty of opportunities, but as Chris mentioned its also a lot of work. In my opinion most people don't have the stomach to get through all of the details and systematize things. But if you do there are lots of good deals available.