Any moratoria still out there?

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For the most part, foreclosure & eviction moratoria have gone away and it's mostly business as usual for us.


Cook County, Illinois is still not setting foreclosure sales for occupied properties. (The Cook & collar counties started allowing foreclosure sales of vacant homes)

Cumberland County, New Jersey is not scheduling foreclosure sales.

Sacramento, California - courts are backed up & everything is slow going.

Stark & Franklin Counties, Ohio seem very slow but I don't have experience prior to COVID so I'm not sure if it's normal or not. Maybe @Chris Seveney knows.

Other experiences out there?  

Also, butler and beaver county are telling us they are basically an 'extension of allegheny county" so they are also observing the moratorium. Westmoreland and Washington county seem to be business as usual, but I've also seen that each magistrate will decide how lenient they want to be.

My understanding is that the statewide eviction moratorium in CA is still effective until the end of this month. This states tenants can submit a declaration of loss of income due to COVID and pay at least 25% of the rent amount, and cannot be evicted for not paying the full rent amount. Word is that it will likely not be extended past Sept 30. But, the last time it was set to expire they announced it would be extended just days before it was set to expire, so we shall see what happens.