CPA Recommendations in MN

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I'm wondering if any other RE Investors out there in MN have worked with any local CPA's for their personal taxes and had a positive experience and would be willing to share their contact info. 

Originally posted by @Jackie Sladky :

Wouldn't the CPA need to know your local state's tax law?

Yes, they do - but that knowledge doesn't exist only within the state's borders.  For example, I have a reference book that sits on the corner of my desk that has between 15 and 30 pages on the nuances of each state's tax system.  It tells me things like the minimum income required before a tax return is necessary, which states have a homestead exemption for property taxes, which states have unique tax credits (like the one in Arizona for private primary school tuition), what the non-resident requirements are and other fun and interesting tidbits, tricks and tips.

Before I begin the preparation for a state that I'm not familiar with, I read through it (at no charge to the client, of course), pick out all the questions that I need to ask the client, then move forward from there.