Proposing a West Metro Meetup Monthly

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Hello, I would be interested in this also.

Can we set a time and date? Evenings are best for me unless it it on a weekend. 

I too, as everyone else stated, am very interested and desiring a meetup in the western burbs. I live in Rockford so that would be great! Thanks for setting it up! @David Moore I am looking forward to hearing more about it. 

I would like to meet sometime soon if possible.

I'm in! Would love to learn more about the event.

Interested as well! We are in Otsego so a west metro group sounds great!

I would be interested 

Has anyone set this up? I see we have responses from up to 4 months ago. I would be interested @David Moore

Yes, I have one setup this Sunday evening in Eden Prairie.  It will be the 3rd month I've hosted a meetup in the western suburbs. 

@Dave Crussel please let me know when the next meet up will be. I would love to come and meet with you guys. 

Looking to attend the next one! Thanks for organizing.

Sorry for the lack of follow up, everyone.  We had one early in the year, but I've been attending to personal matters.  Not sure if this group will be continued, at this  point.  Glad to see one started in Eden Prairie.

We have scheduled the next meetup.  Go to meetup to look up the details.  It is on September 18th, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm at Golden Valley Davannis.

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