Contractor or Handyman that do Pre walkthrough Rental Inspection

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Hello BP 

I am looking for a recommendation for any contractor or Handyman or Property management that specializes in pre walkthrough property to prepare for rental inspection in Brooklyn Center and made any repair necessary to get it to pass the rental inspection. 

This is an excellent idea, @Tom Nguyen !  I've had luck with this locally with small operations, like a painter/handygal/former electrician I work with because she was referred to me by another investor.  Because of the latitude of her experience in real estate, though admittedly in a gypsy style, she and another person with a similar story, are able to cost effectively walk through properties and give me make-ready plans and assessments.  This has not been feasible with larger contracting companies or home inspectors because .  . . that old tale of truth -- larger companies often lack the agility of smaller operations.  

Good luck on the quest, Tom!

@Tom Nguyen Sounds like a good idea, but most handymen & contractors do not specialize in the rental inspection criteria.  I think you would need to get the criteria and then hire a handyman to go through and check the house and make the repairs.  In the end, good contractors are much to busy for a request like this and so are good handymen, so a handyman who is retired and likes to tinker is your best bet.

@Tom Nguyen

Long story short, I’m moving back to Rochester in June. I’m a nurse, but working on my residential remodeling contractors license (contractors exams have been shut down due to covid). If I could get enough work to make it worth my while to drive up to the twin cities I would be able to help. @Will Fraser @Tim Swierczek