Finishing Sun Porch in NE Mpls

5 Replies | Minneapolis, Minnesota

I just purchased a duplex in January and I'm looking to finish the sun porch into another bedroom. I am planning to open up a load bearing wall, replace the windows, level the floor, add insulation, etc. Ideally I'm looking for a contractor that has experience working with older homes in NE Minneapolis. Anyone know of any or have any tips?

as you drive around your neighborhood, look for trucks doing this work and walk onto the job site and talk to the job sup. this is how I found a guy to do some tuckpointing on our old triplex. lot of these guys dont have websites or advertise much because they do everything off referrals and have a large client base. 

@Adam Widder Thanks for the tip, I see a few projects going on around me so I'll see if I can find some contractors that way. Do you have some questions you like to ask? Like if they have some way they can show the work they've done in the past or any references?

@Shinji Pehling See what their schedule is like. the better companies are busy for awhile but if your project is small, they'll squeeze you in, in between projects. I just look for care of jobsite and detail of work. see if they pulled a permit. verify insulation and code issues.