Real Estate Networking in Rochester, MN

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Yes they are continuing on the 3rd Thursday at 7:00 for 2018!  We'll see you on the 18th!

Teaser!! I just picked up a multi-unit listing in Rochester - will share some details tomorrow evening! The seller has a few things to do, so you won't find out about it until February if you wait and watch the MLS. I'll see you there!

Hi Melissa,

Assuming this meeting is still going on right? I'll be traveling next week, but would look forward to the April meeting!


We're meeting again on Thursday this week - March 15!  I look forward to seeing you all then!

Hello Melissa! I am Rochester native and graduating in May and will be working at the Clinic in June. My fiancée and I are looking for our first home with the intention to rent it down the road. I would love to join your real estate group to learn and get involved with more deals! Looking forward to the next meeting!

Hi Alec!

We'd love to have you join us for the 3rd Thursday group!  Upcoming dates are April 19, May 17, and June 21.  We meet from 7:00-8:30 at Keller Williams Premier Realty office in NW Rochester.



Hello Rochester, MN folks! I am a 23 year old new investor. Very interested in finding a real estate mentor with at least 10+ years of experience investing. Especially fix and flips and buy and holds... I’d be happy to give cut of profits for the advice or help out managing your properties. Message with inquires.


This Thursday - April 19 - at 7:00 pm! I look forward to seeing you there!

Tomorrow night - May 17 - we'll meet again!  Bring your questions and the new things you learned this past month!  I have a couple of properties in mind to chat about.

Hey Melissa, my husband will be attending this time instead of me :) But we'll have some representation there!

Hey I'm new to the world of real estate (just got my realtors license like two weeks ago) and am hoping to also get into investing. I currently live in Champlin but am hoping to move down to Rochester by fall-ish. When is the next meeting/do you have a meeting schedule? I would love to get down there ahead of time and meet some investors and realtors and get to know the market! 

Our next meeting is 7:00 pm on June 21st.  We're consistent with the 3rd Thursday of the month.  Looking forward to meeting you!  I would be happy to schedule a meeting outside of our monthly investor group as well.

Hi Melissa, where will the June 21st meeting be held In Rochester?

We meet at the Keller Williams office at 2765 Commerce Dr NW, Rochester.

okay thanks!

We're looking forward to some new faces and more great discussion on Thursday night! 

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