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I am an out-state investor looking for recommendations for agents in the Kansas City area. I would love someone that has experience working with investors and is hungry to make good deals. If any of you guys have been lucky enough to come across a person that fits this description please feel free to reply or send me a private message I would love to hear more. Also if you have had a significantly bad experience i'd also like to know about it. 


Depending on the area but

Sarah Jo Brown from platinum is the real deal.very connected 

and helpful. Stay away from Raphael Johnson from Keller Williams .he pretend to work with out of state investors.dishonest scam.he defrauded me .

Good luck

Hi Karla,

I JUST closed escrow earlier this month on a duplex in Raytown, a side city near KCMO that's a better community for rental properties. my Realtor is AMAZING! she definitely knows what she was doing and I swear by her. Her name is Tina Shealy,. I would recommend you give her a call, tell her your parameters and she will find you the deals.  Good luck!

PS- Tell her I said hi! :)

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Also, there is another Duplex available on my street.. if you are interested. Its not mine but wouldn't mind having a friendly Bay area Investor as a neighbor : )

If you are coming to town to look at properties - or interview agents you might schedule around the 2nd Tuesday of the month and attend the local REIA meeting, making connections to boots on the ground can be very helpful to check out what your local Realtor ad or property manager is telling you.