General Contractors - Kansas City

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Can someone recommend a General Contractor in Kansas City for apartment building rehab. Please PM me. Thanks!

Hey everyone, im just piggy backing off of this post but i would like the names of a few good trustworthy contractors. I live in CA so if they have worked with out of town investors that would be awesome.

Feel free to PM me

@dallas feel free to contact me brother

@Chris Dawson @Andrew Syrios

I'd be interested in your recommendations for GC's. If you could message me with their information it would be a great help.



@Avi Garg

I got a couple of names if you would like to PM me I will share with you and give you my opinions thus far : (


@Chris Dawson @Ted Klein   Do you mind sharing those contacts with me as well? I've been having trouble looking for general contractors that have experience working with apartment rehab projects

@Anthony Wong

If you want to PM me I will share with you what I have and my opinions.



Hey all - I'd be interested in your recommendations for GC's as well - preferably ones who've worked with out of state investors.

Thanks in advance!

Hello All

I'm interested in a reliable licensed contractor, please PM me. Thanks

@Blake Brose , were you able to find and work with some contractors you would recommend? If so I would appreciate any recommendations.


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