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I'm an out of state investor and after some market research and sifting through BP threads have decided to get into the Kansas City market. If you are or know of a great realtor or contractor, please feel free to reach out! I know I will also need a property manager, so any recommendations of who I should contact or stay away from are greatly appreciated. The BRRRR strategy is what I plan to implement and building lasting relationships for repeat business is what I hope to achieve.

I look forward to hearing from you, and also want to hear about your goals and how I can assist with that!

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@Brandon R. welcome! KC is a great market. I am a transplant who moved here a few years ago. We have done 50+ flips now, have rentals, PM, own a brokerage with agents, etc... We do a ton of work with OOS investors who are looking to BRRR. If you need some recommendations or advice on where to invest in KC please don't hesitate to reach out.

@Brandon R.   I will make a recommendation that I have seen time and time again not be followed.  Find a team that will support your needs from the beginning to the end.  An agent will sell any property.  An agent that supports a PM firm will sell a property that they want to manage.  A company that includes a renovation team and process will best prepare the property for a rental, and ultimately be around for any headaches that they leave behind.  Find a company that has been at it for several years and has provide all three services at least a few hundred times so they have processes in place and vendors that are best suited to support such process.

Yes, Kansas City is a great market.  Very diverse.  Growing, yet stable.  Cash flow and/or wealth accumulation.  

All the best with your investments and success in 2020!

Hello Brandon.  We live in Los Angeles and also started investing in Kansas City.  We have one house undergoing rehab.  We just spent a week and a half in KC looking for another property, but came home empty handed.   Due to a lack of inventory, properties are being snatched up at prices that don't allow much profit.  I have started relations with a couple of folks.  Be glad to share them.

@Brandon R. welcome and glad you picked KCMO. We own a brokerage here, property management company, have rentals here, and flip primarily. We do a ton of work with OOS investors. This is a great place to build your portfolio. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or need any help.