Anyone need help with anything? Placing bandit signs?

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Hello everyone,

 I am a young investor in the St. Louis area.  I am doing this full time but have down time that I would like to use to help others and further my education.  If anyone could use help with their real estate business, let's connect.  I could drive for dollars for you, place bandit signs, view properties for you, or whatever else you can think of.  I am really looking to learn as much as possible about this business and don't mind doing the work that the more experienced don't like to do! 

Lets connect! 

Kyle Grimm

Kyle, Let's connect! I am interested to lean more about you. Dave

@Kyle Grimm , it is refreshing to see someone offering to help before asking for (or worse, demanding) what they need. I expect you will soon find someone to take you up on your offer and will be successful. Best wishes.

Kyle, would like to connect with you....I live in Rockford but grew up in Hannibal-worked in Quincy...still have family in Quincy and St. Louis. Real estate investing is a relatively new thing for me even tho have dabbled in it for years!! ;)  Congrats on reaching your 2015 goals!   

Liz Boyer

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