St. Louis REI Happy Hour!

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Tonight was the one-year anniversary of our St. Louis REI Happy Hour! We get together on the last Thursday of every month to network and talk real estate over a couple of drinks. It's been great connecting with other investors and professionals in the area to share stories, trade notes and recommendations, and even find deals and partnerships.

I post the event to the BP events section every month, but feel free to reach out with any questions. If you live in STL, or you're out of state but looking to invest in the area, consider joining us.

(Sorry to those who missed the photo op tonight!)

@Donald S. , @Robert Larue , @Dre Scott, @Annie Smith , @Steve Sherman , @Astrid Dymond , @Zach Stillman , @Paul Vogt , @Naveen C Reddy , @Brent Murphy , @Joe Wenger , @Lance Ray , @John Krauklis , @Clayton Evans ... please tag those who I've missed.

@Megan Greathouse Happy one year! Woohoo! 

We are a month shy of our one year anniversary for the REI we host here in Cali :)

We hope to make your next REI, fingers crossed it all works out!

Great picture!

I really like this group. Very eclectic and energized in many directions. Looking forward to next get together. 

By the way, I am d'Amileau, my spouse is Lance who the account name is under, but I run the investment portion for us.