Trying to find Missoula Wholesalers

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Does anyone know of any active wholesalers in Missoula that are actively doing marketing of some sort? Guys that are finding off market properties to sell. Or really even wholesalers in any of the major cities around here, like Butte, Helena, Billings, Kalispell. 

The guy with the bandit signs around town has some things in Butte and one in Missoula. Not sure if he still has been finding them. I'll try to find his info and PM you. 

@Jeremiah Purdum

Yeah I think you are talking about Tommy. He is a buddy of mine. He doesn't get too many properties in Missoula but you are right, he does get more in Butte. 

Yup Tommy! I enjoyed talking with him. 

Evening all - can someone connect me with Tommy? I am interested in Butte.


@Jonny Morris Did you get in touch with Tommy? I can get his info to you offline if you haven't already.

Also, @Dave Passey Have you seen the yellow hand written signs around Missoula? I haven't called the number yet to see what up there. Those signs are at as nice as Tommy's but they still catch your eye I guess.

@Jeremiah Purdum

Thanks for checking in Jeremiah! I haven't connected with him yet. I am in Butte on Weds looking at some properties. Would love to chat and see what he has available. 

Can you shoot me a message with his info please? 

@Jeremiah Purdum I haven't seen those signs. I have been in Dallas for the last couple weeks. We are rolling out a new platform within our company that is keeping me pretty busy right now. Do you have the number for the yellow signs? I would be interested in talking to them. 

I don’t but I’ll try to catch it the next time through town. 

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