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Hi Lincoln investors,

I was wondering if anyone has experience with CharterWest Bank in Lincoln, particularly for investment properties? Any other good suggestions for lenders in the Lincoln market? Bonus point for lenders that cover Omaha and Lincoln.


Hello Andrew 

I purchased a property in Lincoln with a lender in Omaha. His name is Randy Forest and he works with Finance One, LLC. Very responsive with communication and our deal went very smooth.

We use Midwest Bank they have been great to work with, Check them out they are located in Lincoln but would cover Omaha as well. Looks like I get bonus points ;)

I invest in Hastings, Nebraska and I use Pinnacle Bank.  They cover both the Lincoln and Omaha areas.  Very easy to work with.  I actually just brought in the PDF from the Bigger Pockets calculator showing cash flow and Cash on Cash return and they made the process very easy.  Asked me to bring them future deals I want to finance.  

I've used Cornhusker Bank to finance a couple of properties in Lincoln.  Super easy to work with, portfolio lending so non of the Fannie/Freddie hassle.  I've been happy with them and will use them again when I purchase more in Nebraska.

CharterWest does secondary loan items like for Fannie Mae. They are really good at those - Shari Barnhill is a good contact. 

Lincoln Federal Savings Bank is also really good at secondary loans. Contact Ron Svoboda he's very easy to work with.

Cattle Bank & Trust is a good local bank that can do portfolio loans, blanket loans, etc - contact Jeff Dewey.

I've also heard Cornhusker Bank is good for portfolio loans I don't have a contact there however.