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In my attempt to find a local REI club, in hopes of some networking, found a group on for Las vegas. The biggest one, that I saw, was the Outback group.

I wanted to see if anyone here is a member, and what they think of it. Do I need to RSVP for the meetups? Whats the dress code like?

Approaching a local group like this is very intimidating for me, any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Justin,

I haven't been to one of their meetings, but I've meet several that attend.  Most of the feedback has been positive.  From my understanding, the attire is casual.  I believe the intent of the meetings are to get you to sign up for their coaching, but I could be mistaken.

Thank you sir, that makes it seems a little less intimidating. 

Hey Justin,

I have attended a couple meetings. They have one or two free meetings a month that are very informative and great for networking. I've met some good people there and Coach and John (the people that run it) are good guys. As @Phillip Dwyer said there are training courses and other things they offer (for a fee) but everyone I've talked to who's done it has always said it was money well spent. I personally haven't done any of the paid ones. I do know their courses are WAY cheaper than a Scott Yancy or any of these other gurus though. So either way if you just wanna go to the free ones or you want some coaching its a good meet up! Hope that helps.

I have no experience with them but I would recommend going to @Phillip Dwyer 's meet up on Aug 25th. 

I've been to several, as well.  I started couple years ago when it was smaller.  Looks like it's grown, a lot.  Good meetup, go and enjoy. 

When is the next club meeting?

Please let me know the time and place 

I would like to attend. Thanks

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