Turnkey operators in Las Vegas

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I am considering Las Vegas market for turnkey investing. If you are or know a turnkey rental operator in Las Vegas please let me know. Would love to chat. 

Thank you 

@Alik Levin I doubt there is one operating there in the current market.  The numbers are just not there for the turnkey model to work.  

Larry Fried, Real Estate Agent in OR (#201211636)

I have been doing a lot of research in the Las Vegas market... I think there are some great deals out there right now. However, I don't know a provider. Sorry :(

Mackaylee Beach, Real Estate Agent

    Hi @Alik Levin ,

    Would love to be a resource and introduce you to Roofstock! Let me know when we can connect!

    Jason Pabon

      @Alik Levin it’s he sign of the times. It’s a sellers market and the cashflow overall in the nation especially for zero effort turnkey just is it really there other than the MidWest and south markets.

      @Lane Kawaoka, @Alik Levin

      Hello Lane & Alik,

      You are correct that there is not enough margin for turnkey. However, there are still good properties to be found. Note that there are not many, about 1 in 2000 properties is a good investment. The days are gone when you could find these by cruising real estate sites. However, Las Vegas is poised to grow significantly for the next 2-3 years so a lot of our clients are getting in at this time. PM me if you would like specifics.

      Eric Fernwood, Real Estate Agent in NV (#S.0067069)

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